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Dr. Ketan Parikh

Dr. Ketan Parikh is a practicing Pediatric Surgeon in the city of Mumbai since more than 20 years. He was one of the very few pediatric surgeons then, who had restricted his practice only for the surgical care of children and infants. At a time when the facilities for successful surgery in newborns were rare in private and small hospitals, he improvised methods of care to achieve a high success rate for surgery in newborns. He was the first to start an exclusive pediatric surgical nursing home in the city of Mumbai. Here he successfully performed a variety of advanced surgeries in young children and newborns. At a time when the concept of pediatric intensive care and neonatal care was uncommon, he offered these services for his surgical patients in his nursing home in Ghatkopar.


Surgery in children

In newborns or small children for Correction of life-threatening birth defects e.g intestinal atresias

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Some Common Conditions in Pediatric Surgery

Inability to retract the preputial skin on the glans.

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Accident in Children

Prevention of accidents & injuries in children and their primary treatment.

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Infection of the urinary system is a fairly common type of bacterial infection occurring in children.

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A hernia is a sac of tissue which bulges out from the abdomen or in the groin. The testis in a male child...

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Phimosis can be described as a narrowing of the opening of the penile foreskin (prepuce)...

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Obesity in Adolescents

Obesity is best defined by the ratio of weight in kgs/ (ht in metres)2 known as BMI (body mass index).

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At least 2 episodes of soiling. < 3 stools per week. Passage of large hard stools at least once every 7-30 days.

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Video Gallery

Laparoscopic Herniotomy
Laparoscopic Pyloromyotomy for Pylori Stenosis
Vats Cdh Repair

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